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Quality Over Quantity – Share a Few Good Posts & Foster Engagement

The squeaky wheel may get the grease, but the loudest mouth on social media usually gets blocked. Being a major contributor on social media can be a recipe for engagement and sales or a disaster, depending on how often and what you share.

Being visible is one thing, but it is vital that you are providing quality not just quantity when you engage your community. It is equally important that you be on-brand with your image, products, and the culture you are fostering. Any disconnect can confuse your community and send them packing.  

Sharing a few great posts and encouraging engagement is more favorable than posting anything and everything and leaving your audience blasted or bored. Here are five pro-tips for posting quality over quantity.

Pro-Tip #1: Make content relevant to your brand and audience

Your posts should be on brand and consistent with what you are selling or the image you are promoting. Don’t mix and match your professional and personal lives if they are radically different from one another.

Pro-Tip #2: Use the platform to its best design

Whatever platform you use, understand it to its fullest capacity. Learn the tricks of the trade for the platform so you are getting the maximum benefit for your engagement.

Pro-Tip #3: Create original content that is shareable

It’s great to network and share other people’s posts and content, but it’s equally important to have unique content that is branded with your watermark or easily identified as your unique content. This builds know, like, and trust as well as increasing your authority with your audience.

Pro-Tip #4: Share content regularly to increase engagement

Each platform has a formula that increases the likelihood you will be seen and heard. Sometimes the opportunities are pay-to-play but usually you can increase your exposure by posting relevant content to the preferred specifications of the platform and see large results organically.

Pro-Tip #5: Strive to be an influencer on the platform

Each social media platform has a premium rating for influencers. Example: being a Blue Check on Facebook. Strive to become an influencer and you will have more traffic and exposure when you post. Social media is a free platform to educate, celebrate, and participate with your target audience. Set your goals for engagement based on quality over quantity and you will be providing valuable services in less time with bigger results. 

Want to enhance your social media strategy and prioritize quality content for maximum engagement? Reach out to us for personalized guidance and tips to elevate your online presence and drive meaningful results.

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