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Review What’s Working & Ditch the Rest

When you are starting out, it’s important to have your finger at least part way in the pies that make up your business. Whether you are directly responsible for the work or delegating it through an assistant or tool, it is vital that you have a command of what is happening. Assistants leave, tools crash, your business needs a captain at the wheel or a baker at the oven.

An effective business management tool is conducting strategic reviews of your social media on a routine basis. Reviewing your social media platforms is a great way to determine what is working and what isn’t. Then take decisive action and modify your operations.

Customer Review

Review your customer behavior patterns on a quarterly basis. Where are you getting your most engagement? Has anything changed? Use the data tools available with your social media platform. These tools will tell you everything you need to know about the quantity and quality of your social media posts and community engagement.

Systems Review

Has a new platform come on the market? Is there a bigger and better bell or whistle available for your current platform? Make certain you are staying up to date with the technology associated with your most successful social media tools. If you need to upgrade your membership or change the way you use the tool to maximize your reach, shift and make changes to keep up with the changing times.

Once you have done your reviews, do the following:

Set goals

Set a goal for the next quarter. I want to increase engagement by 15%. I want to get a notable Twitter user to engage in a conversation with me. I want my new graphic to be shared 10k times.

Collect data

Collect the data through the next quarter. All social media platforms have analytics for your review.

Review the data

Either learn to break down the data as it relates to your goals or have an assistant or coach review the data and give you feedback.

Modify operations

Based on the feedback, modify your operations along the way with the goal to meet or exceed your goals for the quarter.

Implement new ideas and tactics

If a social media platform is underperforming or there has been a big switch in the mindset of your ideal customer, switch up your tactics and try something entirely new.

Ditch what isn’t working

Don’t hang on to a sinking ship. Ditch what isn’t working or is causing you too much time and headache.

Setting smart goals and reviewing them is an essential part of running effective social media campaigns. Doing routine reviews and making tweaks is an easy method for maximizing your social media presence and making a big impact in your community and sales.

Utilize Social Maestro to streamline your social media reviews and optimize your strategies for success. Contact us to leverage advanced tools and techniques for setting smart goals, analyzing data, and enhancing your social media campaigns effectively.

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    1. Hi Jeanine,

      I’m thrilled to hear that you found a new perspective on social media goals and the review process! Embarking on this journey of reflection and goal-setting can lead to some exciting discoveries and improvements. I can’t wait to hear about the progress you make and the insights you uncover. Dive in, have fun with it, and remember, every step forward is a step in the right direction!

      Be Well,

    1. Hi Hallie,

      That’s awesome! It sounds like you’re on an exciting path blending your corporate savvy with your social media and marketing ventures. Keep experimenting and finding those creative connections. The journey from familiar grounds to new horizons is where the magic happens.

      Be well.

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